Welcome to Christmas Out Loud.

Christmas tree LightsIn 2010 we joined the ranks of “those houses”, you know the ones who go overboard with the holiday lights, and began synchronizing our lights to music.

Leave us comments and follow along on our progress throughout the year, via the news link above, or visit our facebook page directly. The video section contains videos from past years. And the FAQs will answer at least some of your questions.
When: Nightly from December 1st to December 31st
6:00pm to 9:00pm (until 10:00pm on Friday & Saturday)

Please exercise your Christmas spirit and be respectful of others in the neighborhood who may be watching the show, and especially of our neighbors. It’s just common sense stuff, for example:

  • Don’t Block driveways
  • Don’t; block the show by parking in front of the house
  • Don’t turn the music up too loud with your windows rolled down.

  •  Have fun!